We’re pleased you have found us amid the sea of guitars on the internet.
Trinity River leans towards a few simple philosophies in design and production. It’s as easy to do it right as to do it less than right. It doesn’t have to be expensive to play and sound good. Tradition started as innovation. When you look at the specifications and design features of the Trinity River primitive acoustic instruments, you’ll see a lot of traditional components like Spruce Tops, Die cast Tuners, Venetian Cutaways, French heels, Western heels and many other features that could describe most all of the guitars on Earth. At Stenzler Musical Instruments, we’ve strived to find the difference in design and production methods that would result in a guitar that sounds better, with clarity of tone and articulation between the strings, with ample sustain… at a price that is accessible to a family with many needs.

We were fortunate to become acquainted with James Oliver, one of the developers of the JLD Bridge System, around 10 years ago. We were completely overwhelmed by the advantages, both sonic and from a durability standpoint, this device made in my guitars. This well kept secret is, in our estimation, the “missing part” of the acoustic guitar. It prevents the bridge from pulling up and eliminates the possibility of the top developing a “belly”. It ensures years of playability and durability beyond that of traditional designs. It also eliminates the need for bridge pins, making restringing simpler and faster. Many Trinity River Guitars, from the 22 ½” scale Bandit to the Solid Spruce and Laminate Rosewood Stallion, are outfitted with the JLD Bridge System, Compact Headstock, High Tension Pinless Bridge and Offset Position Markers. Many models are available with a thinner satin finish, which allows the wood to vibrate more easily, producing crisp articulate tones that cut through with sparkling highs.
The music, the sound…these are the inspirations, the goals for Trinity River. We challenged ourselves and now we challenge you to find a better musical instrument at these prices. Experience the differences of our Trinity River Guitars, Banjos, and Mandolins.
Thanks for your time.


Chuck Franklin

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